Guidance Department

Welcome to GRMS's Guidance Department

Contact Info
Direct Line:   443-809-0261

 8th Grade  Racheal Kolstrom [email protected]
 6th Grade David Glover [email protected]
 7th Grade Katie Brookshire [email protected]
 Support Staff    
 Secretary Lisa Benson [email protected]
Please phone the secretary to register your student.


How can I contact my student's counselor?
We can each be reached by phone
443-809-0261 or email (see emails below). 

How does my student make an appointment?
Your student may schedule an appointment by sending a Schoology message to their grade level counselor, completing a form (located in the counseling office) or filling out the online pass with the QR code.

7TH GRADERS:  School Counselor Meeting Request

7th grade QR code

6TH GRADERS:   School Counselor Meeting Request

QR Code

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