Science Department

Baltimore County’s science curriculum spirals through each grade level.  This means that together with their teachers, students in the science class will explore some aspect of physical, life and earth sciences every year in middle school.  Your child will examine the following topics:

Grade 6:  Chemistry, Electricity and Magnetism, Earth and Space, and Ecology. 

Grade 7: The Living Environment, Genetics, Waves and Rays, and Rocks and Fossils.   

Grade 8:  Hydrosphere and Atmosphere, Chemistry, Newton’s Laws, and Our Changing Chesapeake.

Grade 6 GT:  Introduction to Science, Electricity and Magnetism, Hydrosphere and Atmosphere, and Genetics.

Grade 7 GT: The Living Environment, Newton’s Laws, Waves and Rays, and Astronomy

Grade 8 GT:  Chemistry and Environmental Science.

*Michelle Hohman      [email protected]
Samuel Hooks                [email protected]
Kathryn Wilson             [email protected]
Nathan Raucher            [email protected] 
Sarah Sade                        [email protected]
Diego Delano Hucke  [email protected]
Jason Mroz                      [email protected]
 Edralin  Pagarigan      [email protected]  (magnet coordinator)
 Melissa Swecker        [email protected]      (magnet teacher)

It is our goal to engage all students in learning about the world around them through science.  We look forward to working with our parents to help our students meet with success.