Hello Team BCPS families and staff,

This year’s Stakeholder Survey is open and we’d love to hear from you by March 26. Your feedback guides our budget, staffing, and programs.

Communication to Families, Return to In Person Hybrid Learning Form


Dear Golden Ring School Families,

As stated in the BCPS Reopening plan, families who have selected virtual learning or not responded to the return to school survey, will have ongoing opportunities to update their choices and choose in-person hybrid learning. Our staff will be able to accommodate requests, make necessary arrangements and work with transportation (if applicable) to ensure a smooth transition back to school. The schedule below is in alignment with the phased re-entry to school. If you would like to return to hybrid in-person learning, please submit your request at:

Please use the schedule below to identify request date windows and hybrid learning start dates for students.  The specific start dates will be cohort dependent (Cohort A- Mondays and Cohort B- Thursdays). Families will receive a cohort assignment message before the first day of school.


Request Date Window

(Window closes at 5:00 pm on Fridays)

Start Dates

(Start dates applicable to the start day ofthe individual phases)

Phase 1 - Public Separate Day Schools and

Phase 2- Pre- School through

Grade 2

Survey window- February 5

Week of March 1

February 6- February 19

Week of March 8

February 20 – March 5

Week of March 22

March 6 – March 12

Week of April 6

Phase 3 – OGE Special Education programs Grades 3 - 12 and Select CTE programs

Survey window- February 12

Week of March 15

February 13- February 26

Week of March 22

February 27 – March 12

Week of April 6

Phase 4- Grades 3 through 12

Survey window – March 12

Week of March 22 (Grades 6 & 9 only)

Week of April 6



March 13 – March 26

Week of April 19

March 27- April 9

Week of May 3

April 10 – April 23

Week of May 17

April 24 – May 7

Week of May 31

Families must fill out a separate form for each student returning to hybrid learning using the school-specific form. Return to learning form links can be found on school websites. A member of our staff will contact you if we have any questions. Thank you and we look forward to your return!

 Charlyne Maul,  Principal 443 809 1030

Magnet talk 2021 March.pdf
Magnet Talk


The Rosedale Branch of Baltimore County Public Library is recruiting volunteers for our Spring Reading Buddies program. The Reading Buddies program pairs a teen volunteer with an elementary student who is learning to read. Reading Buddies meet online for 45 minutes each week using Zoom to read together and do language-oriented games and activities.


Teen Volunteer Application


Any questions about this application or the program in general can be directed to Jess Crutchley, or 410-887-0512.

Nurse D'AltoTwo BCPS school nurses featured in a Maryland webinar about working effectively in a virtual environment

TOWSON, MD – A new Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) webinar features two Baltimore County Public Schools school nurses. The hourlong webinar, “Leveraging Technology to Meet Student Needs During COVID-19 and Beyond,” provides tips and resources for school nurses to support working with students and their families in a virtual environment.

The presenters are Kristy Gorman, president of the Maryland Association of School Health Nurses and school nurse at Essex Elementary School (and the 2017 Maryland finalist in Pfizer’s America’s Greatest School Nurse competition), and Angela D'Alto, school nurse at Golden Ring Middle School. The webinar is hosted by Justine Springer, program manager of the Maryland Health Care Commission.

"Shifting from providing in-person student care to a virtual health environment presented itself with many obstacles,” said Gorman. “However, school nurses embraced the change and found creative ways to reach the needs of our students and our school communities."

Throughout the pandemic. BCPS nurses have been working alongside the Baltimore County Department of Health as COVID-19 support, holding student health office hours in Google Meet, and participating in their schools’ Social-Emotional Learning teams to support students who need extra help during virtual learning. Nurses have also developed innovative ways to educate students and staff by creating virtual health rooms and health tip videos.  

"Virtual school nursing presented unique challenges,” said D’Alto, “but our innovative and astute assessment skills have made school nurses able to connect with students using technology. I enjoyed making videos, holding virtual support group meetings, and even assisting with technology support for parents. We wear many hats as school nurses, but giving care and helping our students and the community is what makes this profession so rewarding."

“Baltimore County is fortunate to have outstanding nurses like Ms. Gorman and Ms. D'Alto,” said Debbie Somerville, coordinator of the BCPS Office of Health Services.  “The challenges of COVID have highlighted the creativity, resourcefulness, and dedication of our school nurses in promoting the health of our students and community.”
Full Article


 Thursday afternoon, Pastor Matthew of Prince of Peace Church, donated $100 gift cards to the GRMS families that requested assistance for the holiday. Mrs. Hamond picked them up and distributed the cards Thursday and Friday morning. This is one of the fun responsibilities of being a School Social Worker.
Thanks for all you do each and every day. Peace & Blessings! 
Mrs. Hamond


Trophy Award Cup.pngGOLDEN RING HAS BEEN AWARDED....Trophy Award Cup.png

FARE Awards $14,000 in Funding to Title I Schools Across the U.S.

Grants are part of the organization’s inaugural Collaborator Community Impact Awards: Back to School, dedicated to food allergy awareness and education programming

McLean, Va. (November 9, 2020) – Today, FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education), the world’s leading non-governmental organization engaged in food allergy advocacy and the largest private funder of food allergy research, announced $14,000 in funding to 20 different schools, school districts, and Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) across the country as part of its inaugural Collaborator Community Impact Awards: Back to School program.

FARE partnered with the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and National Association of School Nurses (NASN) to invite their members to apply for funding of up to $750 for food allergy education programming and support in Title 1/Title 1-eligible schools. Title 1 schools are defined as schools with high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families which are receiving federal funding assistance to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards.

“More than 5.6 million children live with potentially life-threatening food allergies – that’s about one in 13 children, or two in every classroom,” said Lisa Gable, chief executive officer of FARE. “A critical part of FARE’s mission is making sure underserved communities have the resources they need. In these under-resourced schools, everyone from teachers to the school nurse to the cafeteria staff plays a role in creating a safe environment for students with food allergies.  FARE is committed to doing our part to help everyone better understand this disease, which can be fatal and for which there is no cure.”

Funded program activities include adding allergy-friendly foods to a school food pantry, purchasing storage cabinets for epinephrine auto-injectors, and creating public service announcements. 

Partial support of the awards was made possible by a gift from the Emily Zaltsman Memorial Scholarship Fund.

For more information on FARE’s Collaborator Program, please visit:

GRMS Virtual Student Schedule Fall Semester 2020-2021







8:30- 9 am








9:10 – 10 am




PER 3/4/5 A

Individual and Small Group Support


PER 3/4/5 B

10:10 –

11 am




PER 5/6/7A

Individual and Small Group Support


PER 5/6/7 B

11 – 12 pm





Lunch Bunch & Clubs



12 – 12:50 pm



Independent Work

Independent Work

Individual and Small Group Support

Independent Work

Independent Work

12:50 –

1:40 pm



PER 10 A

PER 7/8/9 A

Independent Work

PER 10 B

PER 7/8/9 B

Back to School Headquarters:  A toolkit for Parents, Students, and Teachers, preparing you for this year's unique back to school experience. (Addressing your back to school concerns).

GRMS Health Sciences Virtual Presentation...


School Supply List 2020-2021

This list contains the basic supplies that students will need to begin the school year.

Supply List

Spiral Notebook/Composition Book for each class (7 or 8)

2 pocket Folder for each class (9 or 10)

1 package of pens with standard blue or black ink  

1 pack of pencils

1 pencil sharpener

1 red/green marking pen

1 set of highlighters

1 packet of white printer paper

1 ruler with both standard (inch) and metric (centimeter) units


1 pack of 3x5 index cards

Optional/Additional Suggested Supplies:

            Screen cleaner & screen wipes

1 pair of school scissors

  • 3-5 sheet protectors

Algebra/Geometry Students Only: Graphing Calculator such as TI-84+

(the online DESMOS application will also be available for student use at

Suggested Supplies for Art Class:

  • Sketchbook (80-100 sheets)

  • Water Color Pencils  

  • Paint brush (at least 2 or 3 brushes)

  • Markers

  • Drawing Pencils

  • Color Pencils

  • Erasers

  • Oil Pastels

Updated 8/11/2020

Helpful Links:



VOL 1:  Newspaper Club Newspaper volume 1.docx


Attached  is a letter as that provides information about our school recently receiving its 18-19 School Report Card from the Maryland State Department of Education.

19-20 Maryland Report Card Letter to Families (1).p

Health Science word imageGolden Ring Magnet

Pamphlet with information on how to apply:

Golden Ring Vision

Golden Ring Middle School is a student- centered community that focuses on nurturing students, building respectful relationships, delivering rich content knowledge and preparing students to be critical thinkers and responsible global citizens.

 Mission Statement

As a community we will create, sustain, and invest in a culture of deliberate excellence for every student, in every class, with every teacher.