Golden Ring Middle SchoolSummer Reading Project

 Read What You Love

 Summer reading helps to improve students’ reading stamina, comprehension, and confidence. Most importantly, summer reading inspires students to develop a lifelong love of reading. This summer, Golden Ring encourages you to read what they love: any genre, any medium, any style. By allowing you to select your own reading, our hope is that you will continue to grow throughout the summer months as you read for enjoyment, read to preview upcoming texts, and read to travel to the destiny of your choosing.



•   Step 1: Choose one of the recommendations from a book list or choose a title recommended to you by someone you know. Ask your friends, ask your teachers, ask your media specialist, ask your family for ideas!

•   Step 2: Enjoy reading your book! As you read, complete a Double Entry Journal.

•   Step 3: Pick one of the projects to complete.

•   Step 4: Use the hashtag #BCPSummerRead and post a picture of your book and a tweet about your thoughts on the story.

•   Step 5: Bring your project in to your Language Arts Teacher by September 13,

2019 and be prepared to share your experience!!




Need Suggestions or Access to Free Books (Links To Check Out)


o https://

o https://

https:// recommendations/favorites-classics/top-picks-middle-schoolers.html

-     Penguin Random House: https://

-     Teen Book Cloud: https://

-     “Young Adults’ Choices 2018 Reading List”:

https:// www.literacy world -source/reading-lists/young-adults- choices/young-adults-choices-reading-list-2018.pdf

-     Young Adult Library Services Association:


Places to Visit:


Your school library, your local library, The Book Thing Baltimore (free books)

Current students can visit Mrs.  Evelyn to raid her book stash before the end of the school year!


Parent Note: We encourage parents to select a book with their child to read this summer. Some books may have content or themes that are not suitable for all audiences.